Customer Service Hours: MON - SAT 9AM - 5PM
Customer Service Hours: MON - SAT 9AM - 5PM

Meguiar's Products

What began over a century ago as a simple furniture polish 
laboratory in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar Jr., has 
spanned four generations of the Meguiar family. In his 
wildest dreams, it’s doubtful that Frank Meguiar, Jr., could have 
foreseen what his first bottle of furniture polish in 1901 would 
evolve into over the next 100+ years.
Meguiar’s®, Inc. has become the global leader in appearance care and is proud to offer our next generation of 
products, tools and accessories to serious car enthusiasts. We strive to set an entirely new standard for quality and 
performance in the industry.
From his first bottle of furniture polish, Frank Meguiar, Jr. built his business on excellent products and an understanding 
of his consumer’s needs. Today, Meguiar’s enduring and strong relationship with serious car enthusiasts worldwide 
has created a level of trust and respect for the brand that transcends our products and embodies the lifestyle of 
the car hobby. To this day, Meguiar’s is committed to delivering products and building relationships that excite and 
unite car enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.