Customer Service Hours: MON - SAT 9AM - 5PM
Customer Service Hours: MON - SAT 9AM - 5PM

Mytee Products

While Mytee Products®, Inc. is a relatively young company, its roots go back decades. After doing janitorial cleaning for several years in the Los Angeles, California area, John LaBarbera started building carpet cleaning machines in his father, Frank LaBarbera’s garage in 1977. The Carpet Jenny® Company was thus formed and Frank and John became partners, moving the company to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1978.

In 1990, the company was sold and the families moved back to California, settling in the San Diego area. In 1994, John started a company centered on a portable water heater product, the Mytee® Hot, thus the name Mytee Products®. In 1995, carpet cleaning and auto detailing machines were added to the line.

In the early 2000′s, Mytee® acquired Redline Products™, thus adding a line of high quality tile and grout cleaning tools. The Spinner® is still the best tool of it’s type in the market.

In 2000, Mytee® acquired the assets of The Hild® Floor Machine Company. Hild®’s history goes back to 1927. In the 1940s, Joseph Roti, the owner of Hild® at the time, developed the first shower feed carpet brush that allowed rugs to be cleaned in the home, instead of the inplant cleaning method. Thus, Hild® became the originator of On-Site Carpet Cleaning, and the beginning of a new innovative industry was born. Mytee Products, a family owned company, is thus also the oldest company in the industry today. And we are proud to be in this industry and of our history.

Our goal is to offer the best quality products with the best customer service and at the lowest price possible.